Friday, 30 January 2009

Sacred Leaf by Deborah Ellis

Another great Deborah Ellis book! Last month for our Parent/Child book club at the library we read I Am a Taxi by Deborah Ellis. We had voted to do another book this month but after reading I Am A Taxi and learning that there is a second book someone suggested we do it instead. I think our book club is getting a little obsessed about Deborah Ellis books. That's okay with me! They're amazing books.

This story is the continuation of Diego's story. At the end of the last book he escapes from a cocaine operation where he has been turned into a slave. He finds the Ricardo family who are kind to him and take him in. The Ricardos are poor farmers that grow coca. However, the American government is paying the Bolivian army to destroy coca crops. The farmers decide to band together and fight the armies that are taking their crops away from them. The book is an interesting glimpse into what is like for these people when a country hundreds of miles away is controlling their future and causing great hardship.

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