Monday, 21 February 2011

The Titanic

Today was Family Day and a day off from school. We decided to go to The Science Center and check out the Titanic exhibit. It was quite interesting. One thing I didn't realize was that the sunken Titanic was discovered in 1985....the year I graduated from High School! That really wasn't that long ago.

I also realized I'm not that interested in artifacts and preserving old stuff. I don't get a real thrill out of "wow...that's actual stuff from the Titanic".

What really does touch me though are the stories of the people from The Titanic. When you go into the exhibit they give you a boarding card with the name and info on it about a real passenger. At the end of the exhibit you can find "your name" on the list of passengers and see if you died or survived. Peirce died. He also had a daughter and cousin on board, and they survived. Jill was not a survivor either....she was in a part of 8 people and they all perished. I survived, along with my daughter, but my husband died.

There was a quote at the end of the exhibit from a woman whose husband died. I can't remember it exactly but she basically said that they all were allowing the women and children to go first, in an effort to save them, not realize they were sending her to her greatest heartache ever as her husband did not live through the tragedy. It broke my heart.
It was also surprising to me how many people were quoted as saying they didn't have a good feeling about going aboard The Titanic. Funny how people have those feelings and don't always follow through. There were so many people that were so confident that it was unsinkable though. What a dilemma!
We also got to watch Shakelton's Antarctic Adventure in the Discovery Dome. Now there's a story!! Wow!!

In 1914, Ernest Shackleton set out with 27 men to be the first to cross Antarctica. When ice trapped their ship-and eventually crushed it-they lost all hope of crossing the continent. Yet they managed to survive two harsh years trapped in the barren, frigid Antarctic. This film tells their true story of heroism and determination.

Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure recounts a true story of epic proportions that is ideally captured in our giant-screen Discovery Dome Theatre format, where you will feel as if you have been transported back in time to experience the greatest survival story of our time.

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