Friday, 18 March 2011

Report Cards

Peirce got his report card today. It pretty much reads like I expected. Does well enough, but visits too much and doesn't always get his work done.

We went and celebrated with a trip to Arby's (his choice) and a new book (I love it that his choice of reward is a new book!) He was thrilled. I think he was a little worried about this report card. He warned me it might not be very good ahead of time. His teacher is on an extended leave and he doesn't like the fill-in teacher very much. I think is behavior reflects that. I figured sometimes a kid needs to know his parents think he's great no matter what. His report card wasn't bad.....just that in the past he has had over the top good ones, and so has Jill. This one wasn't an over the top good one.

....will have to work on the staying focused thing I guess.

.....then again, he is an 8 year old boy. I am not so sure school was really designed for little boys.

I don't spend a lot of time focused on report cards with my own kids. I give them a read and then file them away. I know my kids. Nothing a teacher puts on a report card overrides that.

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