Saturday, 26 March 2011

Shel Silverstein Introduction

This week I brought in a swack of Shel Silverstein books that I had take out of the library (well, minus the "Playboy's Shel Silverstein Around the World book......who knew???!!!). I figured they might be tempting for some of my kids who just don't seem to ever get into any books with any depth. Time will tell if it works. However, the usual suspects have gobbled them right up. We have a Shel Silvertein palooza going on. They have brought their books and CDs of his poems and are loving them.

I was supposed to talk to my class about the Gr 2 scrabble club that will be coming up after Spring Break. One girl said, "Mrs. Ackroyd, you know how you love reading? Why don't you start a reading club?".


"What a good idea my darling! I will talk to the VP and see if we can do that!"

...I am a total push over for a book club.....especially when they ask for it!! :)

I will have to add that to my Spring Break to do list.

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Panamenos said...

I love Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky.

I bet they will love having a book club. How fun! Sounds like you are very busy.