Saturday, 3 March 2012

Back to Life!

Wow, have I ever missed a lot this month. I'm not even sure I can go back and catch up.

February is a strange month in the Ackroyd house. Allen is really busy with RSP season - really busy. After about the first week I get busy with report cards. I seem to be the slowest teacher on the planet at writing report cards. Well, truth be told, I am starting to get close to handling the stuff I need to do it a day to be ready for the next day at school - and that doesn't allow for extra room to do things like report cards. I will get better though!

So for the month of February our kids seem to practically be orphans. Oh, we still get them to the pool and to their church activities, and sometimes we even feed them - but I sure am glad when February comes to an end! I was a little slower this month and drug out the whole report card experience until March 3 - but I am now finished - so we can get on with life!

I think first, I will catch up on laundry. I seem to have fallen off the load a day band wagon. It was working so well too! Back at 'er!

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