Monday, 28 October 2013

Life Changing Moments

This morning I almost died. Serious.

I was sitting at a red light. I heard a big crack and looked in my rear view mirror to see a little car flying down the road straight at me. I didn't even really have time to think or do anything. Right as the car got to me it suddenly turned, flew over the median (luckily there was no traffic in the oncoming lanes) and hit a tree dead on.

I drove my vehicle around the corner and then ran out to help. We had our first snowfall last night so the snow is kind of deep. I was slipping and falling and trying to get there as fast as I was surreal. The car was totally wrecked. The driver was probably in his early 20s. My guess is he had a seizure. He kept going in and out of consciousness while I was on with 911.

Once the firetrucks came I left. It was an odd feeling to just walk away - but they said the police have my info from the 911 call so I could leave. That's when the emotions kicked in.

My guess is this is the first seizure this guy has had....his life has changed today.

So has mine.

Grateful to be alive. Grateful to be able to tell the story and not be hurt. I should have been hit. I had actually just turned the radio off a few blocks previous and was talking to God as I drove.
Man, did I say a prayer of gratitude after.

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The Lawlor's said...

That's incredible. I'm glad you are okay. It is scary as well as amazing how fragile life is.