Saturday, 12 October 2013

Things I Loved About Last Week

It has been a great week.

1. I took my kids to a really fun concert by Rick Scott on Monday. I picked them up at the pool with dinner in hand and persuaded them to go to it with me. They agreed on the condition that I wouldn't stay and talk to people forever after it was over. Deal! It was a lot of fun. Rick Scott is amazing and they recognized that.

2. I got an email from a mom of a child in my class. I had told her how one day her son was calculating how long it was until bed time. I asked if he was tired. He wasn't. He was excited to be able to read our book club book, The Witches, with his mom, as they do every night. She told me she'd been reading it aloud to him and really enjoying it. She also said that she doesn't ever remember reading a book from start to finish in school and wanted to change that for her son.

Isn't that awesome?!

3. We had an awesome assembly on Friday. We did the cup song with our own words. Tricky!!

4. I got to volunteer at the football game Friday night ( $ goes to swimming). Peirce loves it. Loves it! He really wants to grow up and get a job and is excited to have something on his résumé (must be his dad's son). I was excited because I got to just sell beer tickets rather than work in the concession - our regular spot. The ticket booth is heated!! Best kept secret!

5. I have the best husband ever. He keeps gas in my van. I hate checking oil, getting gas, etc. I can totally do that. - but he does it for me because he knows I hate it. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!

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