Monday, 3 February 2014

Baby Steps

I wrote on my teaching blog about a Nerdlution goal I had set. One of my two goals was to spend 15 minutes a day cleaning, FlyLady style. This means that every day I will spend 15 minutes de-cluttering, cleaning and sprucing up something in my house. I set the goal on January 31, thinking that I'd focus on this for the next 50 days.

I started off with a bang and did nothing on Feb 1 and 2 *Hangs her head in shame*

Today when I got home I decided I could afford 15 minutes and got to work on the back entry. I should have taken a picture.

No I shouldn't have. That would be embarrassing.

Let it just be known that we had piles of shoes, piles of dirt, mismatched mittens, scarves strewn everywhere. I decided I would just work on one corner and aim to get the floor clean. Funny enough, in about 5 minutes it was finished. So I decided to work on the closet floor. Soon another 5 minutes was gone and it was clean. There was still 5 minutes left!! So I did a real good sweep of the rest of the back entry. Then I had a couple minutes left so I pulled out the mismatched sock bucket out of the cupboard and lo and behold I found about 6 pairs I could put together.


What a difference!

It's kind of embarrassing and rather dumb that I let it get to be such a mess when it's really very easy to clean. I should know better by now. Life just gets a little crazy though.

I think I just might do it again tomorrow.

Imagine if I really did do this every day?? My family is going to be astounded.

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