Sunday, 2 February 2014


Jill has really been working out a lot this last semester. She took a Sports Performance class at school which is basically a super hard workout class. She took yoga. She started twice a day workouts one day of the week. She also started swimming with the older kids in the club. All this meant that each day she worked out for more than 3 hours. They weren't pansy workouts either. This is some serious working out! It really pushed her and you can tell she has gained a new level in fitness. She has been eating right. She goes to bed on time (and then nags us to get to bed too because we're usually being too noisy for her!) She has done what she needed to do.

Her goal was to get a Western time in swimming. (If you're a smuggle like probably need to know that in swimming first you get B times, then you get faster and try to get an A time. Those are provincial standards. Once you have A times you try to push yourself further to meet the Canadian Western qualifying times, and then after that it's Canadian National times)

This past weekend was the weekend to do it. The meet was called Alberta Open. Jill had some good swims on Friday and took time off every race - the best of which was 18 seconds on her 400 IM!

On Saturday she had 50 fly. Fly is her favorite stroke. She started off with 50 free and did it in 29.9! To break the 30 second barrier was a really big deal. When 50 fly rolled around  she did awesome again and took off time - but missed the Western time by 0.2 seconds. What a heart breaker! Lucky for her though she came in 14th place so that meant she got to swim in the finals in the evening. She talked to her coach and decided to skip the 400 free and go home and rest up for the finals in the evening. And wouldn't you know it, she totally smashed it!! She soundly beat the Western time.

Way to go Jill!! Now she's off to Vancouver for Westerns. She's a big girl now!

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