Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

Another year has rolled around. 48?! Wow. I never knew it would feel like this. I don't feel like I think 48 should feel.

I had a great day. Celebrating a birthday, when you spend all day with 8 year olds, is a beautiful thing. They get birthdays. They are confident that it should be a special day and they remind you of that all day long. They spend a lot of energy trying to secretly work on cards for me (I just pretend I don't know what it is they're working on during any spare minute and reces.....luckily it was indoor recess today - more time for feverish drawing, colouring and writing). I couldn't walk down the hall without 3 or 4 happy birthday wishes being thrown my way. It was fun. Not only that, my husband showed up with flowers and chocolates and a mushy card!

Then I came home and we went for dinner. The kids had bought me presents: earrings and all sorts of great stuff for feet! I was taken care of from head to toe! Eating out was wonderful. After, Allen made me go and finally spend one of the gift cards he gave me for Christmas (I am sooooo not a shopper. I have to be forced!) I am grateful for his bossiness. It was fun to get some things for myself.

Then, when I got home I had a few cards that had arrived in the mail. What a great surprise. One was from my best friend. She wrote asking how it felt to be 47. 47? Silly friend. She is losing it in her old age. Then I realized she was right. I actually am only 47!! She has always given the best gifts. This year she gave me the gift of a younger age. I probably would have gone on for months thinking I was 48! Phew!!! Saved by a birthday card!

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