Saturday, 26 April 2014

Fernie Meet

Every year we go to Fernie for a swim meet. It is a long anticipated event as there is lots of fun that happens.

First of all, they get to go there on a bus. This year there were two buses. The big kids were on one bus and the younger kids were on another. And I get to drive by myself. I enjoy the 3 hours of just me and a book CD....and me and my thoughts.

This is also a time for us to stay in Sparwood and visit with the Nelsons. It wasn't a long visit this year, but it was good to see them, nonetheless.

The races went really well too! Here are the results: 

1 second taken off her 200 IM
11 seconds off 200 breast
5 seconds off 100 back

15 seconds off his 200 IM
10 seconds off 200 breast
1 second added in 50 free
 (He said he had a really bad dive....something weird about how his hands took him right down to the bottom if the pool. Oops!)
3 seconds off 50 fly

Our family goal was to take time off every race. They did it for 6 of the 7 races!

The bad news was that Peirce got DQd in 200 IM and 200 breast. He always turns over on his front when he goes from back to breast. Ugh!! Must work on that. He also learned that you can only do one pull before you reach the surface for breast stroke. Not sure why he didn't know this before now. I guess that is what racing is for!!

We will focus on the positive though. That is a lot of time taken off! Once he gets those details figured out he will have some new great times for 200 IM and 200 breast for sure. That good mountain air does something good for them.

Our evening is spent at a pizza party and with games with the whole club. Jill was very excited to finally be a senior swimmer, and therefore, be able to be the leader of a group. It was a great time for everyone!!

Another year of Fernie in the books!!

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