Friday, 2 May 2014

Accepting Life

I decided a while ago to not complain about things I needed to do, no matter how dull or uninspiring they may seem. I used to hate having to make lunches. I decided to try to make lunches more interesting and tastier. I also decided to make them at night before I go to bed. Somehow, those two little things have made it more than something I complain about or endure.

I also decided that I would not complain about all the driving I have to do. There must be some advantage to the time I have in a vehicle. One of the things I do a lot of is read in the van. I know how to get perfectly comfy. I keep a blanket and a pillow in there and when I drop off my kids somewhere I often just go around the corner and hunker down for a good read. And you know what: I love it! Now waiting for my kids is a moot point. I am not just waiting. I am doing something I really love!

This was my scene this morning while I waited for Jill during seminary. I have been reading Somewhere in France (Jennifer Robson). Sitting in the van, with the rain tapping on the windows and the world getting a good cleaning, seemed just the perfect setting for the story.


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