Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Answered Prayer

Peirce lost his wallet this month. He has been quite sad about it because there was a lot of stuff in there, not to mention some money and some gift cards. He looked and looked and looked and was unable to find it. I suggested that perhaps he pray about it. He has been diligently doing that. Last night he read an article in the New Era about revelation and came to me rather sad that he hadn't received revelation about where his wallet is and that his prayer has not been answered.

Switch to this morning: I got to school and realized there was a message on my phone. I forget to check my phone at school. As a matter of fact, I so rarely use the phone that I put it on a top shelf - as a result, I don't always notice when there is a message. Today there was a message that was a few days old. It turns out someone found his wallet near where he gets off the bus. We will be going to pick it up after school.

I was a little concerned when Peirce's prayer wasn't answered. No one wants to have their child go through feeling like God isn't listening to them. Apparently, the prayer was answered quite a while ago - his mother just didn't check voice mail!

I find this whole story comforting. I've had some prayers lately that I am stewing over. This whole experience is a good reminder that God is very well aware of us and does answer our prayers. To me, every time a prayer is answered, it's like a miracle. The timing of this one is interesting. If I had answered that voice mail immediately, it wouldn't have had the same impact it had on my own life by answering it today. It is a good reminder to me.

I am grateful.

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The Lawlor's said...

What a great experience for him. Hard to go through but the end result will bolster him for a while, and probably be an experience he will remember his whole life.

You are a good mom and I admire the relationship you have with your children and the experiences you have to share.