Friday, 17 October 2014

Dennis Lee at Wordfest

I got to go listen to Dennis Lee at Wordfest!!  It was so fun to hear him share poetry and to see the children's response. It was a very interactive presentation. They chanted and sang and giggled. It was wonderful!

He was asked how he came up with the idea of Alligator Pie. He said one day he was riding his bike and he kept hearing Alligator Pie as the pedals went around. He couldn't get it out of his head and so finally he went home and wrote it down to get it out of his head.

He talked about his favorite books and encourage everyone to read read read and to write write write. Beautiful words!!

Sandy Nichols also spoke. She is an illustrator from Calgary. She illustrated the book Alligator Pie and tonight was the first time she met Dennis Lee in person. I always think of authors and illustrators being quite connected, but apparently that isn't always the case.

She drew Drew Drew and while she drew she answered questions. It was amazing!

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