Saturday, 4 October 2014

Reading Fits Anywhere

My Saturdays are pretty full - kind of. It isn't really anything for is kid activities. I have things that fill my time. We get up early and leave for the pool at 6:30 am. Jill's practice is from 7-9 am and Peirce's is from 10:30-noon. We decided I wasn't going to run up and down Deerfoot shuttling kids back and forth. We bring stuff to work on or read and we wait there while one kid practices. I get to watch some swimming and do some work. Last week it was marking. This week I put the RS newsletter together. And I always do some reading.

This afternoon Jill and I volunteered at the Dino's football game. (More swimming responsibilities.) Today, though, they put us up in Cardel. I love it when that happens!! It isn't very busy up there so I sit and watch the game a little and do a lot of reading. Today I finished Son by Lois Lowry. My dad is probably rolling over in his grave. It's okay though, dad!! One CAN watch a football game and read. Seriously! :)

Tonight Allen took the kids to a hockey game (Thanks Curtis Kruschel for the a booth no less!) I opted to stay home guessed it: read.

Well, I will try and stick it out for a while. At 8:00 I am giving myself permission to turn the lights off and succumb to my exhaustion!

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