Saturday, 22 August 2015

Freezer Meals

One thing I live about going back to school is how it forces me to get a little more organized.

I have been making freezer meals this week. A while ago, I got a copy of The Big Cook. It has been a great source of inspiration. This week I made four meals each of two recipes from that book: BBQ beef and Canton Chicken. That means two nights of the week for the next four weeks I am already started on dinner! Love that.

Tonight we had spaghetti so I decided to make some more freezer meals. We made enough spaghetti sauce for tonight and three more meals. Peirce opened all the cans and dumped them in (10 cans total!) Jill diced up mushrooms while I browned the beef. With everyone helping, I don't think it took much more time than it would have taken me to make dinner just for tonight. 

I like to put them in ziploc bags because they take very little space in the freezer and there is no messing around with faulty non air-tight containers.

We even had enough hamburger browned up to put aside for another night when we want hamburger with/in something. 

My plan is to do this every week. If I put four meals in the freezer each week I should be able to stay ahead of the game pretty well. 

Yea for menu planning! It makes my life so much better!

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