Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Happy Birthday Jill!!

When they produce the movie of Jill's life, critics will say the character of Jill was too unrealistic. No one is that fun and positive and kind.

They will be wrong. 

Jill went out for breakfast with her friends this morning. 

Later we went for lunch to a very fancy patio:

Tonight Allen and Jill went to a movie together, one of their favourite things to do.

She is just one all round fun girl. We sure do love her. 

When she was little, she learned to put her hand on the side of her face to show she was being soooo cute. 

Emma posted this pic in Facebook. Must be a birthday party. Too funny.

Jill and Auntie Gaylene. Jill is her favourite niece. Well, her only niece!

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