Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Summer 2015

I'm I had great plans to blog all summer long. I missed a couple events and meant to catch up. Then another, then another. Now I am so behind!! Here is my attempt at a summer recap:

We started off with Provincials/Senior Champs. Jill and. Went to Edmonton. A couple of times I have gone and marked PATs while Jill swam, but they got rid of Gr. 3 PATs, so now I just go and watch swimming. I also read and rest. It is a wonderful and simple week. She actually swam until July 24 this year. She was really ready for a break when the time came (and so were the parents!)

This is at the last meet of the year for Jill...the UCSC Wrap Up. See that girl in the grey hoodie? That's Jill deck-changing. That is one of her unique talents.


While we are in Edmonton, Peirce started work at the Stampede. This was his second year. He is such a trooper. He works hard and makes good friends and loves it. He is very motivated by money and loves being able to have a way to earn some.

Jill had a great time at camp this year. She was a camp leader. There were just two of them that were over 16 along with a swarm of 12 year olds. She really enjoys those girls.


Allen and I took a trip to Atlanta for the Primerica Convention....just the two of us!

This summer Jill got a job! She is working at a breakfast place and really having a good time. She has also been a fan of breakfast places. Her best friend got a job there so Jill applied too and was thrilled to get a job too.

Jill has also been working on English. She did CALM online this year and is finishing up grade 11 English. It takes a lot of time!

Peirce spent a lot of time with cousins.

I have been doing a lot of reading as well as housework this summer. 

Peirce did his first triathlon!

We re-finished Grandma's deck on the long weekend in August and got to watch Neil in a ball tournament. His team won on a double play pulled off by Neil on second base tagging out the runner then throwing it to first. Very exciting. I even got to be an announcer for a few of the games!

My friend, Carma and her husband happened to be in town. There are moving to Southern Alberta after years in the states! It was fun to visit with them.

Work. Work. Working.

Neil played second base.

They won every game. The last few were close games. In the last game they were behind. They got ahead by one run and on the final play Neil put together a double-play. It was very exciting!

Champs with the banner. Fun tournament!

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