Sunday, 29 November 2015

True Hope

A strange thing has happened to me since entering the hell of perimenopause. I have noticed a significant change in my brain. I am always word finding. I can't remember names. I worry about dimentia because it has been an issue for some of my relatives. This can't be happening to me so soon!

Allen found some vitamins called True Hope a number of years ago. You used to have to order them online. Now you can buy them in stores. I took them now and then. A while ago I bought a bottle and kept it in my car. I took one a day like you do any multivitamin. Then my car got stolen. We had a lot of stuff to replace and the vitamins kind of went to the bottom of the list. I started to notice a significant difference. Anxiety and anger were growing. It was kind of scary.

A couple weeks ago we finally went and bought some more. In the past I took one day. Since I had been so long without them Allen suggested I take four a day. Seemed a little over the top, but I have been to the temple a lot lately and the blessing of ears to hear the counsel of your husband (and the word of the Lord) have been on my I decided to follow his advice.

Oh. My. Goodness!!

It is like a grey cloud has been lifted. Noise in my classroom doesn't bother me the same. Dumb things my students do doesn't make me angry. Instead I smile at them and deal with the situation. Suddenly the writer's block for report cards was gone. I have the energy to do little bits of housework here and there (it just seemed like an 'extra' that I just couldn't manage before). When I play the organ in church I no longer get totally caffuffled when I make a mistake. I play better. I am just plain happier. I feel the spirit more in every day things. 

They truly give me hope.

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