Sunday, 1 November 2015

Seeking Balance and Good Mental Health

In RS we have been doing pursuit of excellence. I've realized that I don't have a very balanced life. Much of my time is spent doing things for my kids to help them have a balanced life....and that is ok. I have decided though that I need to try to do more things for my own enjoyment as well. Last week we had a great RS activity. We had a psychologist come and talk about mental health. One of the things she talked about was mindfulness. It was a great message on how important it is to be in the moment and focus on what you are doing now.

With that in mind, last night while our is were busy with their Halloween activities, Allen and I were free to do whatever we wanted. We thought about the usual, go get something to eat....but instead we decided to go visit some friends. In our busy frenzied life in Calgary that just doesn't happen that much. They were thrilled that we would think of them. We had a great visit. When I left I felt that feeling I don't get that often that I had really enjoyed myself. I did something I wanted to do that was just fun for me, rather than something I had to do.

How weird is it that that is such a big deal? 

I think I will do that more often! 

I also have decided I need text back to more for it! More blog posts to come.

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