Friday, 1 January 2016

365 Photo Challenge! Day 1!

My friend, Jeni, is doing a challenge where she posts a photo every day. I decided I am going to join her! Usually I have to think about these things for a while before I jump in - but it is Jan 1.....good day to start! Thank you Jeni for the idea!! I need to take pictures more often, and I want to be a better here goes!

Not a great picture, for sure. But it is all I took! I will get better :)

Today we had 20 people for dinner!! Three wonderful families that I love so much: The NAckroyds, the Letourneaus, and Virginia and Caly Layton, along with her friend, Jason. 

Sometimes I feel stressed before a big house full of people. I need to remember that these people do not stress me out. They are all so kind and non-judgmental, and gentle. ...And they are kind of quiet! I like that :)

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