Monday, 11 January 2016

Day 11 The Rest of the Story

I love this story. It is a legend about six blind men. They are trying to discover and describe what an elephant is like. One feels the trunk and declares the elephant is like a snake. Another the side and declares the elephant is like a wall. Another says the knee means the elephant is like a tree. Another feels the ear and says the elephant is like a fan. The story ends declaring that although each is partly right, all are in the wrong.

The lesson is the importance of understanding the rest of the story. 

I had someone today tell me quite emphatically that I have been mean and unkind to someone they care about. I was quit taken back. If I was mean, I never intended to be. Sorry that they felt this way, I asked how this conclusion was made. What followed was a few stories with only partial truths. As t conversation continued I realized that the problem really wasn't with me, even though ther are thi I can do to try to work on the problem. I realized, however, that there has be much more going to that I was aware of. Seeing much more of the picture was quite a revelation. It explained much.

Th each of us were partly right, all were wrong.

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