Monday, 4 April 2016

Day 95 Hidden Beauty

What a fabulous day. I love holidays. But luckily, I also love my job. 

Today we had a PD day. We spent the morning learning about literacy and making plans for new exciting assessment tools. 

Nerd Alert! Yes. I do get excited about things like that!

Inconveniently, the community where we had our PD day was doing street cleaning - so we all had to find creative places to park. I parked in an alley a few blocks from the school. When I was returning to my car, I noticed something I hadn't noticed in my rush to get to our meetings. I thought it was just a dumpy old car with flat tires - but then I noticed it had some beautiful old cases carefully strapped to the top. It was as if they were on display: A gem in a unkempt back alley. I had to take a quick snap.

Peirce is an amazing photographer. He was my inspiration today.

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