Friday, 8 April 2016

Day 99 Sibling Friendship

I didn't take this picture today....but it seems like the right picture for today.

Peirce has wanted to go to the 21 Pilots concert for a long time. We told him he'd need to pay for the  concert himself. He tried and tried, but it just didn't work out for him to be able to buy the tickets.

Jill, being very sympathetic to the desire to attend a concert for your most favorite band, decided to step in. Secretly, she bought some tickets from a friend who wasn't able to go. She made a date with him to go to a movie tonight. When he got home from school, he moped around. He was really hoping that we'd surprise him with tickets. He went with Allen to pick up Jill from swimming and that's when she surprised him. He was soooooo thrilled. It was beautiful.

I love that they care about each other so much.

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