Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Christmas 2017

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It was relaxing and quiet and great for my soul.

Jill had to leave the evening of Christmas Eve to work so we got up on Christmas Eve and pretended that it was Christmas morning. We actually only planned to open some of the presents so that we could do it again on the actual Christmas morning, but apparently, once that train gets going it is hard to stop. We opened them all and it was great.

 Christmas Eve morning was lit. :) 

 I made a breakfast casserole for the morning. It was a big hit!
This was one of Peirce's snaps from the day. It shows some of his presents: a penny board, cologne, new shoes and a smart watch.

Then, we got the next great gift: One hour of church. One hour felt like we hardly got started - but we happily accepted it. The best part was that I got to play the organ. One of the hymns the choir sang with the congregation and while I played the organ Andrew Hawryluk fancied it up by adding some piano. It was wonderful for my soul!

Dinner was great. I didn't make gravy though. I should have made gravy.

Our actual Christmas Day was pretty quiet - and pretty wonderful.

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