Monday, 4 December 2017

Morning Exercise and Organizing At Home

I've been exercising every day for almost two years now. Usually I exercise in the morning. This morning I decided to wash my hair instead of exercise (no, there isn't time for both....have you seen my hair??!)

I had a terrible morning. I drove Peirce to seminary and then did nothing with my time. I got to school and continued to feel sluggish. Jill came to get the car and she wondered what was wrong with me. I wondered too....and then it suddenly hit me. I hadn't exercised. It took me forever to get going. Sheesh. It made me wonder how I ever functioned before I became I morning exerciser. My life has been changed because of exercise.

I won't be making that mistake again.

In other news: Jill and Peirce have been moving furniture around. We got Peirce a desk and that meant some shelves had to go. Jill wanted a different dresser so the traded. They've done a lot of work. It's all starting to come together. Look at Jill's great set up on her dresser:

Notice the books are organized by color? I love it!

The jar is from Tivoli from her trip to Copenhagen. So cute!

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Sheri Rhodes said...

I love reading your posts but I can never see the pictures accompanying them. Any idea why? Do others see them and this is just me? I wanted to see the books organized by colour!