Friday, 8 December 2017

Curling and FRA and Feeling Great!

Peirce joined the curling team at school!

Jill decided to take an assignment to Frankfurt. What a life!

Allen has been feeling really great the last few days. Tonight we went to a Christmas caroling party at the Hawryluk's. I was amazed at how long he lasted.

I was thinking about the phrase "it's all in his head". Some people make comments that make me think they think he should be better by now. The truth is, it is all in his head. His body feels great - but the brain is an amazing thing. We know so little about it. The fact is, a brain injury is invisible. He looks great, but there are days when he just feels terrible. I think he's starting to get it figured out though - mainly, he is doing some things that seem to help his brain. HBOT and nootropics are making a difference.

For me, report cards went home today. It was a painful process this time. Too much procrastination. Next time, I swear, I will have them ready early!

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