Friday, 18 May 2018

Apparently, P-Day is Friday!

We heard from Jill today! I was so excited to get her email. These are some of the highlights:

About getting to the MTC:
  • I got dropped off nice and late because of how long it took to pick up Maren,  but j wasn't worried nor stressed about that st all. haha! It was just nice to spend some time together. She was funny because she didn't want us to cheer when she came out of arrivals! This is why opposites attract I guess. hahaha! We didn't have time to do much so we just went to get a quick lunch. 

About the MTC:

  • Once I got here there wasted ZERO time and we started some classes and devotionals! 
  • We had some cool interviews with pretend investigators..  It was funny because they had a class pretty much about talking to people like normal humans.
  • I'm in a district with people who are learning English so their testimonies can only be expressed simply, and those are the best kind!! 
  • My branch president testified of how much you'll be blessed for my service so stay tuned for that.
  • We got lost on almost an hourly basis on the campus

About her companion:
  • My companion is so amazing! She's from the Dominican republic and she's going to be serving at the priesthood restoration site in Pennsylvania! She was in med school but gave it up to serve a mission! 
  • Hermana Feliz and I got called to be STLs so that was wild! We don't know anything yet hahaha! 

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