Sunday, 20 May 2018

Cousin Love

One thing that has always been really great for Jill and Peirce is how well they get along with their Ackroyd cousins. Zoe and Soleil are especially good friends to them.  They get along with all their cousins - but they seem to have an extra special relationship with Zoe and Soleil.

This past weekend Zoe came up to visit. I couldn't quite figure out at first why she was coming up. Usually, it's because something is happening. I asked a few times what they were going to do this weekend, expecting that there was something for school or for the ward Zoe attended here. Nope. Eventually, I realized she was just here to comfort Peirce because he misses Jill so much. She hung out with Peirce and Tony all weekend. Friday they played board games. Saturday then went and took pictures and window shopped and had lunch and went to a movie....a full day of just plain old cousin fun. Tony said it was!

That Zoe. She's a good egg.

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