Saturday, 26 May 2018

Halfway Through the MTC!

Surprise! Jill is already halfway finished at the MTC! If you want to write to her, her address is

Some excerpts from Jill's latest email:
  • My P day is Friday. Somehow this is always a day that slips through my fingers! My companion had a little situation in the laundry room so we spent a bunch of time hunting down the person responsible for moving her clothes without telling her. She's from the DR right so she got pretty spicy about that!! 
  • I'm in a district for people who are advance in their language. All of us are going to different language missions and our classes are in English. They pretty much just expect us to work on the language on our own. 
  •  I thought when I got here it was six weeks, but then I found out it was four weeks (three plus one visitor's centre) but THEN they told me that because of how the transfers work out for Paris I'm only doing three weeks! My companion and I are so sad that we won't be able to do visitors centre together! 
  • My box number is 200.
  • We're killing it as Sister Training leaders! We have some other companions that don't get along as well as we do so we have to help them. One sister from Samoa might have pneumonia, but she doesn't understand what the doctor says in English. We're also teaching RS.  We had an awesome devotional on Tuesday with Elder Rasband so that was really cool!! I joined the choir at first but I got kicked out because my companion and I are sister training leaders... so we're too busy!

One of the "pondering spaces" at the MTC.

Provo temple

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