Saturday, 23 June 2018

One Week Until MY Summer Starts

Did you know I only have one week left of school?! I love my class this year so much - but jeepers, I'm sure ready for summer!! It feels like this has been a really long year. We started out the year with the bathrooms under renovation and we're going to end off the year with them renovating the portables. Not mine though. The library and the music room will be in beautiful new portables come September. We'll see if they're even finished by then. They're going to have air conditioning AND big beautiful windows. I might be spending a lot of time in the music room/library. 

Actually, my coworker's husband does air conditioning for his job. He maintains air conditioning systems in big buildings downtown. This week he brought her an air conditioner for her room. It even makes a difference for my room. It's so great!! Some people give her a hard time about all the electricity it'll use. I say that she's just ensuring there's an environment where these little minds can focus and learn. That is very important and well worth the cost! Also, it's important they have a teacher that isn't a worn out dish rag. We're much perkier now that there's cooler air in our portable. It's bliss.

We went to this really cool place this week called Ralph Klein Park on a field trip. The kids got to scoop up water and look at all sorts of creatures in there. We even saw a muskrat! It was so cool. Check out this eel:

I decided I'm going to get started on my 5 km a day pursuits this week. I should be able to do that since I used to get up and get to seminary on time. Last week was a bad week for walking. I had this idea that I had all this time in the morning and so I tried to do too much - then I'd realize time was almost up and just be able to do 1 km. Time to change that, baby!

Karen Johnson is moving to the states and so they're renovating their house. She needed a bunch of boys to come help so I got Peirce to do it. He pulled up carpets and he did a lot of painting. He said he really likes painting. 

It was pretty hard work - but in the end, he was pretty happy about the money he earned. That'll be some good cash to start off his time in Quebec. He goes this week. Oh my heart!!!

This weekend Gaylene and Duane went to Kelowna for Neil's birthday. Rachelle had a surprise party for him. Of course, the best part is being reunited with his dogs. Oh Harley! 

They donated blood for Neil. I think it might become a new tradition. Neil needs blood transfusions all the time because his hemoglobin gets really low. I am going to get back into donating blood regularly.  Taylor and Sydney went too - but Taylor, apparently, is too short. LOL 

On Saturday I went grocery shopping. I know. I know. I always do that. The reason I'm sharing it is it reminded me of how I always like to turn things in to a game. Did I ever tell you that about me? For example, when I was growing up and cleaning rooms in my dad's hotel, my cousin, Nickee and I used to time each other and see if we could beat each other's time for making a bed. We had requirements for how the bed had to be made and we'd try to do it super fast. It made the job fun. I've always done things like that. When I get up in the morning, I challenge myself to be dressed and have the dishwasher finished before the CBC news podcast is finished. Then I have to have lunches made before the other podcast I like to listen to ends. I do it with grocery shopping too. On Saturday, you could get a box if ice cream treats if you spent $250. My goal was to get the treats but spend as little over $250 as possible. In the end, I ended up spending $250.33. My best job yet at that game!! When I was on my mission we used to play that game too. We'd challenge each other to only say kind and positive things. We'd see how long we could go before one of us would slip up and complain or say something negative. We got so we could go all day! Maybe that's where the whole streak thing started in my mind. I don't know. All I know is the mundane things can be made a lot more fun if you turn it into a game. 

Tony leaves this week. Oh boy. What am I going to do without these boys?! I will miss Tony, for sure. 

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