Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Week of Seven (jk! Two!) Plagues

This week's Jill's P-Day got changed to Tuesday so that a bunch of missionaries could go to the temple. She even saw her friend from school, Sedric LaPlante....now known as Elder LePlante! Peirce laughed when he saw the picture. He said, "It's like they're strangers, the way they're standing!" Ah yes. Mission rules!

Get ready...there's some crazy stories in this one:

So this week started off amazing!

We had a really good lesson with one of our "amies" about the priesthood! We taught him how it's direct revelation from Heavenly Father, made to suit our needs. We got the Visitors Centre Director, Elder Woods, to give him a blessing! It was incredible! Literally everything that we wanted him to hear and understand was said. He was even promised that if he would keep pushing his own limits and strengthening his relationship with Heavenly Father, he could have a family sealed together for eternity in the temple! Everyone present was really touched by the spirit. It inspired me to consider having more priesthood blessings!

Also this week was the BYU folk dancers performance! It was amazing!! They did a really cool Indonesian dance that looked like an elaborate secret handshake. Another highlight was when they sang the song from footloose called "fake ID" but changed the lyrics to make it about the BYU creamery. It was really fun and nice to listen to some different music! It was a great missionary opportunity too! One lady in another ward invited 120 people!!! 

Honestly after that the week got pretty wild!! On Friday night we finally got an exterminator to come and kill this HUGE wasp nest that was in the door frame that led to the patio. The exterminator told us it was pretty dangerous and that we shouldn't have waited so long to call him. But the answer was mostly because there was this horrible chair on our patio from long gone missionaries, so we didn't need to go out there anyways. (I attached a before and an after picture)

So he took care of that.... And we were happy to have his number because we needed it again a few day later!! Yesterday One of the other sisters in the apartment woke up to rice all over the floor. And then when she looked at it closer the rice started moving!!!! There were like 200 maggots on our floor! We canceled all our missionary work for the morning and spent literally eight hours cleaning. Just picture the scene: 6:30am, four sister missionaries running around stomping on worms, trying not to cry, scream or barf respectively. Needless to say, our neighbors aren't going to be learning about the church anytime soon.

But things shaped up today when we went to the temple! It was so amazing to finally go and see the real version of the temple model that we always teach with! Even with the incredible spirit that surrounds missionaries, the temple is incomparable! I even got to see my friend Elder Laplante!

Old high school friends!

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