Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Soeur Ackroyd

I am not sure Jill sent a group email this week. These are excerpts from her letters to us:
Hi Mom!
I did have a great week! Thanks for emailing me! Sorry my P days keep changing... makes things confusing! ...This week is zone conference on Tuesday. After that it will be normal!

It was so fun to meet Tina Shaws family. I was so shocked! I love them! You're right. Lots of people come here that I know! This week I meet someone who taught with grandpa named Rusty or something like that.... he's from Magrath. 

Soeur Marteenys uncle's came in this week! They're not active as they're married.. So it was good for her to be able to talk to them about the temple. I didn't get to though because we were on exchanges. The STL I was with is studying elementary ed at BYU Hawaii!

The temple has such a cool effect on the people that come here. Like this one lady, I was just talking  to her in the gardens and she just stared crying! I hadn't really said anything special either!

I feel like I'm super spoiled when it comes to packages so far... idk if you need to send another one? But I did get my whole district excited about all dressed chips so that would be good. 

The Lawrence's just barely caught me! They came when I wasn't on shift but then we came back from a lesson and miraculously bumped into them in the parking lot. They seem like they have a super cool story as a family. 

The blouse is great! Thank you so much! I'll send you a picture of me in it. Also The Rusty guy took a picture with me in it.

I haven't tried the bars yet, but they look AMAZING. Nuts are super expensive here. Maybe that would be a fun one to send. We got trail mix for 16 euros. That was a bad one. 

And as for masculine and feminine.... there's no trick, no rhyme or reason. It's anarchy and probably the worst part of French. Even verbs are better than in English. It's kind of like as you get speaking and reading and practicing, you get a feel for it. But that's the only way. The good thing is that most people correct you. Are you sure you don't want to learn Russian instead? LOL
What's your favorite Women and the Pulpit chapter? I haven't gotten very far into them. The is so much to study and read. I'm going to make a classic returned missionary resolution to study more when I get home!! ...Also, I'm supposed to prepare a talk for zone conference tomorrow about diligence!  What's your favourite diligence story? Of your own, or fiction, or history? 

I'm looking forward to hearing back from you! Love you!


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