Wednesday, 6 May 2009

18 months

This week I watched an Oprah show about the little girl from England that has now been missing for two years: Madeleine McCann. The picture above is her when she went missing, and then an expert's idea of what she looks like now, two years later. It broke my heart to listen to the interview. I sure hope and pray that they are reunited one day soon with their little Madeleine.
I understand a little bit of having to be without your child. However, as I watched the show it struck me how sad it must be to not know where your child is. I am so grateful to know right where Destiny is and that I will see her again one day. She would have been 18 months old today and ready to start nursery this Sunday. In many ways it seems like forever ago. I wonder if that is how the McCann family feels.

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Lara said...

I've thought of you and your little Destiny often. Thanks for sharing this remembrance today.