Sunday, 31 May 2009

What My Children Are Reading

It's hard to say when a child is really a reader. I think there are steps all along the way that can be called reading...but I sure love it when they get to the step where they'll read to you with expression and when they seem to love it!

I don't often tell Peirce it's bedtime. At 7:30 it's story time....and then at 8:00 he goes to sleep. I find it all goes better if we just don't say the word 'bedtime'. Storytime is met with smiles much more often!

Last night we were late for storytime and sometimes when that happens we don't make time for stories. Last night I was tempted, but so glad I didn't just make Peirce go to sleep. When it came time for storytime he said he wanted to read storie to me. He read The Foot Book (Dr Seuss) and the Barnyard Dance (Sandra Boynton) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle) and I was so thrilled!! Every morning we read the Book of Mormon together and I knew he was getting better at reading - but I was really surprised when he read me those books out loud. In the middle of one of them he said, "I think I finally get why Jill likes reading so much."


I really love the topic of reading. I often read a blog called The Well Read Child. She posted an idea of blogging each week about what her kids are reading, and I thought I'd do the same!

Peirce and I have been reading All About Sam. We read a chapter here and there but we're having a hard time getting to the end. He likes to choose picture books often and so All About Sam gets pushed aside for a while. One day we'll get to the end!

Jill just finished Alice in Wonderland. She picked up a beautiful big version of the story from the library and spent last weekend reading it. I'm surprised at the number of times she's referred to it this week. I really should read it again. Right now she is reading Tuck Everlasting.

I talked with the vice-principal the other day about the idea of doing a parent-child book club. She seemed to like the idea and so I've got to put a proposal together and see if they'll go for it. I figure the Parent Council can really be the sponsors of it, but the administration has to approve it. She mentioned doing it at lunch time, but I'd rather do it in the evening. We'll see how that goes!! I probably shouldn't take another thing on right now, but I love the idea of being involved in this, so I'm going to do it. I hope it works out well!

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Alysha said...

I like that - "story time" not bed time! soooo smart. I'll have to try that one out.