Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Just Dreaming of Some What If's......

I have this real desire to become an expert at something. But what??!! I don't know. I don't even really know why I want to do this. I just do!

Recently Allen read a book called Outliers. The author says that it takes 10,000 hours of concerted effort to master a cognitively complex activity (like composing, or engineering, or writing).

Cool!! So if I want to become amazing I just have to put in 10,000 hours.

Then I found out how long that would take:

10,000 hours =

27 hours a day for one year
13 hours a day for two years
9 hours a day for three years
6.8 hours a day for four years
5.4 hours a day for five years
2.7 hours a day for ten years
And that’s if you’re working seven days a week.


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