Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday Seven

1. I'm grateful for Sundays! I seem to work a lot. I appreciate being able to have a flexible schedule so I can do the things I want to do for myself and with my family - but I sure am grateful when Sunday comes around and I don't even have to turn on my laptop. I love going to church. I love the people in our ward. I love going to Gospel Doctrine and learning from our amazing teacher.

2. I'm grateful for Provident Pantry and for the Provident Lifestyle Co-op! I've learned so much from the workshops our stake has put on. We have new things we're eating and we have a good start on a significant food storage. It's an on-going pursuit that I suppose never ends. I'm grateful to be on the road to having a year's supply.

3. I'm grateful for choir (again). Last week we sang in the presentation our stake did. They called it "Be Still". The song has been going through my head for days. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of the choir!

4. I'm grateful for the new friends I have at J&P's swim club. I spend a lot of time with those parents! They're all really great people.

5. I'm grateful for my job with GfK. I have been a little overwhelmed with work the past month - but I'm grateful to have the job. I'm grateful for how well organized they are. I'm grateful for how understanding they are. I'm grateful they pay me!

6. I'm grateful for the beautiful weather! This seemed like the winter that was never going to end...but this weekend the weather has been wonderful! I love the feeling of warmth!

7. I'm grateful to have figured out how to fix our computer rather than having to buy a new one!

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