Sunday, 3 January 2010

Great Primary Moment

In primary, for Sharing Time today, we talked about how God is the father of our spirits. I used the glove analogy (the glove represents our body and our hand represents our spirits), and when we talked about the glove one little CTR 4 boy said: That's just silly! I smiled and asked him why he thought it was silly....and we had a great discussion. He thought it was silly that we live forever...and so I could testify that our spirit lived with HF before earth and after we die our spirits will continue to live and one day we'll be resurrected....and after he didn't think it was silly

In Sr Primary we talked about the same thing and one of the boys wanted to know exactly how a spirit goes into a body. I said that I didn't know, but shared my experience from having Destiny. I was hesitant to share that because it always makes me cry (still?!), but it just fit so well, and I felt prompted to share how I've gained a testimony that our spirits live forever. I told them that that baby was very much alive because I felt her kicking...and then one day I realized I hadn't felt kicking for a few days and called the doctor. I testified to them that when the baby's body was born I knew her spirit was there in the room....I could feel her as real as anything....I could sense her personality and sense her comforting was a wonderful moment to share this in primary because the kids really listened. One boy's mother is having a baby in six weeks - which is just a little further along than I was and he said, "Man, I sure hope that doesn't happen to our baby." and I sympathized and said I sure hope not too and we talked about how sad it is to lose someone in our family and what a blessing it is that families can be sealed together forever. It was a great primary moment!

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Amy said...

I'm glad you got to teach that lesson, I am sure noone else could have done a better job!!