Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sharing Time: Heavenly Father and Jesus Love Me

Today in Sharing Time we talked about how we know that God loves us. I drew a web on the board with different categories (home and family, school, church, nature, etc.) and we came up with ideas for each category. Then I assigned a category to each class and handed out hearts for the children to draw something on the heart that shows them that God loves them.

We labelled the pictures with their name and a title showing what the picture was about. My favorite one was a little CTR 5 boy. The conversation went like this:

CTR 5 boy: This is Jesus, and this is the robber.

(There were two stick men drawn on the had red hands and feet, and the other was all scribbled on)

Primary Counsellor: The robber?

CTR 5 boy: Yes, you know, the guy on the cross beside Jesus (and he showed us the picture of Jesus on the cross with the two theives on either side. )

See, Jesus has blood on him (the blood was on his hands and feet). And the
robber is tied on the cross. (Ah ha! This was why there was scribbling on him! It was the rope that was tying him up on the cross!) I drew this because it's about that thing that Jesus did for us.

Primary Counsellor: mmmm.....What thing do you mean?

CTR 5 boy: You know....hmmm....what was it called. What was it called?? Oh ya! The Atonement!

It was such a beautiful thing! I was thrilled to see that he would decide to draw that - what could be more important?! It's the perfect example of God's love for us.

Gee I love these primary kids!

After the Junior primary was finished we sent them off to class and got the Senior Primary to do some more hearts, and help us cut out all the Junior Primary hearts. We stuck them on a big long piece of paper with a title that said: We know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Love us, and on the bottom it said: Coventry Primary. The Senior Primary kids and I snuck very quietly down to the Bishop's office and we put it on his door. We figured it would be a great reminder to everyone to went in to see the Bishop.

Unfortunately the sneakiness and reverence went right out the window when suddenly the Bishop opened his door and quickly came out to go into the Clerk's office. The kids were all so surprised the squealed and giggled and ran away down the hall. So much for reverence!!

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