Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I Hate Snakes

I truly hate snakes.

I am afraid of them.

I know it's irrational and I should get over it - but I'm not interested in getting over it. I really hate snakes.

I was especially bothered today when I heard that this had happened:

Officials at the Calgary Zoo are desperately trying to find two missing snakes.They apparently made their way into a drain within their enclosure.The snakes are non venomous and officials say it is not possible for the creatures to get into the city's sewer system.

Honestly, each time I heard the story on the news my stomach would turn.

Imagine....they could be down in some pipes. Where would they come up???

My only comfort was knowing that I live far enough away from the zoo that they won't come up somewhere around here....at least that's what I hoped! I knew for sure I wouldn't be going to the zoo until those snakes were found!!

Well they were found tonight. I'd post a picture....but that makes my stomach turn too. All I can say is thank goodness!! The city is safe again! I shouldn't have to worry about these kinds of things in this winter-laden city!! Snakes don't belong here!!!

The Herald posted this story:

Zoo Recaptures Missing Snakes

By Stephane Massinon

A Calgary Zoo employee is taking responsibility for two snakes that went missing for a day from their enclosure Monday afternoon.

Zookeeper Garth Irvine, who has worked at the zoo for 23 years, said he left the drain open yesterday afternoon while cleaning their enclosure. The reptiles were on their own for four hours and when he returned, two Malagasy Giant Hognosed snakes vanished and a search began immediately.

Almost 24 hours later, zoo officials say the animals have been found and are being looked after by veterinarians.

During an earlier press conference, Irvine said he was worried the reptiles might perish because of his mistake.

"I greatly regret A) that two animals in my care may perish because of my mistake, but I also deeply regret the fact that I have tarnished the zoo, a place that truly is my home. The people and animals here are part of my family," Irvine told reporters Tuesday afternoon.

"I made mistakes yesterday. I should not have left that drain uncovered in spite of the fact that there was a 200 pound python sitting on top of it. I should have gotten help or waited for her to leave so I could return the drain cover. Because of my mistakes, those snakes are missing," he said.

"I am profoundly sorry."

The snakes, which are brother and sister, are non-venomous and zoo officials said there was no chance they made it into the city's sewer system.

The snakes were found Tuesday afternoon just below the drain in the snake enclosure.

Making matters more embarrassing for the zoo, it is now currently being reviewed by the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums after a series of animal deaths recently. In December, a capybara, a giant rodent, died when it got caught in a door in another case of human error. A wild goat was entangled in a rope and died last January and in 2008 41 cow nose rays died in their new exhibit.
According to snake information site Hognose.com, the Malagasy Giant Hognosed Snake is the "largest of the three species of Xenodonids found in Madagascar." They are popular in the pet trade due to their size and gentle demeanor.

The snakes can reach 1.8 metres in length.



Becky said...

So I guess we should take back the snake we bought for Peirce for his upcoming birthday? ;)

Dawn said...

You're not even funny Becky!