Saturday, 27 February 2010

Provincial Age Group Trials

What a fun couple of days we've had. Yesterday morning Jill and I took off to Edmonton for another swim meet. She had two races on Friday and five on Saturday. It was a great couple of days and I'm exhausted now! (ya, ya....I know...and I wasn't even swimming)

The kids from our club seemed to do quite well. Jill didn't make the finals for any of her races. She's in a category for 11 and 12 year olds and she is 11. All the girls who made the finals are 12, with one or two exceptions here or there - so she's very excited to be 12! She says all good things come when you're 12.

I really enjoy watching all the races and keeping track of how everyone does. It's a lot of fun!
Swimming seems to be doing just what we'd hoped it would for Jill. She's getting rather obsessed about eating right and exercising so she can do well, but more importantly, she is absolutely exhuasted by 8 pm and goes to bed. That'll keep a kid out of trouble!

We bought her a t-shirt at the meet. One the back it has the names of all the swimmers that made it to this meet...and her name is listed first (the benefits of being an Ackroyd!) and the front is soooo Jill:


I'm a girl


I'm a swimmer


I'll kick your butt

Normally Allen comes with us and does the driving. I was especially impressed with how well we did finding our way to Sherwood Park - a place I've never been to, and then to Andy and Virginia's, where we stayed, and back to the pool. We didn't get lost once!

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