Tuesday, 10 August 2010


This past year or so has been an interesting one for us. We've felt the brunt of the market issues. The interesting thing for me was that although last year was not a good year for us income-wise, we probably have a better food storage after it all than we ever have! How does that work?!

Tonight I noticed an article that got me thinking about this. It was a CBC article that said that wheat is going up.

I joined a co-op this year where we buy things in bulk at a (hopefully) reduced rate. It's been a great experience. A few months ago the guy who sends out the emails said he was worried about the grain crop this year with all the rain we'd had and wondered if it wouldn't be a good idea to order flour before his prediction of higher prices came into play. It made sense to me - so we ordered 40 kg of flour to add to what we already have.

And now the article. It said there's a wheat shortage in Russia that will push up the prices of bread in Canada - by perhaps 20% over the next two months.

There is comfort in being prepared!

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