Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More on Bread

I have a friend who was doing some figuring today. She calculated that it costs her about 30 cents to make a loaf of bread, and 50 cents to make a dozen buns.

My family can eat two loaves a week (that's probably a conservative estimate because there are days they eat a loaf a day - but I try to discourage that!)

In the grocery store, I've found the bread I prefer to buy is around $2.50 a loaf.

$0.60 X 52 weeks = $31.20 a year

$5.00 X 52 weeks = $260 a year

So, making bread saves us around $250 a year! And my guess is that that is a conservative estimate. $250 goes a long ways to a Christmas that is a lot more fun! I should put the money in a jar every time I make bread and use it at Christmas.

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Shirley Wilson said...

Yes I heard that news cast also. I think I shall have to go back to making bread too. I also went to P.C. warehouse and bought two chubbs of pepperoni and salami. For about $18 I mad ten bags of twenty slices each of meat for lunches. That would cost over $2 per 100 grams in the deli meat at the grocery store. Doesn't just give you thanks you know how to save money.