Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Close Call

Late this afternoon we were all having a little rest. A thunder storm had started. Suddenly we heard the loudest clap of thunder I have ever heard! Peirce came running into our room, and we went out to check to see if any houses were on fire. Soon we heard sirens too so we figured it was somewhere near by. Turns out a tree in the field behind our house got hit. It is about 100 feet from our back yard.

First they put their danger tape around the tree.

Then they had to figure out how to get the split part of the tree down so it didn't fall on anyone, I suppose. I wish I had taken pictures when they were trying to get it down. They put a big rope around the tree and tugged. One fireman couldn't do it so a second one got in to help. Then a third, and a fourth. Finally the fifth guy came along, put the rope around his waist, and they all tugged and pulled and pulled and pulled....and down it came. It was great fun for the kids to watch! In the far left of this picture are Peirce and Jill and Sunny. The guy standing by the firemen in the blue shirt is the guy whose house is right in front of these trees. He is a retired minister. I bet he was counting his blessings!

Good fun for a Wednesday afternoon!

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