Monday, 1 August 2011

Nanton Days

 Today we went to Nanton for Nanton Days! First order of business: the parade! ...and here it comes! We always have a lot of fun at these small town parades. The candy. The people. The sun. It's great! Oh, and did I mention, no crowds? Love it!
 After they had a Children's Festival at the park. Jill was so happy
that she wasn't too old to go in the bouncy houses.
 Some little boy latched on to Peirce while we were there. Peirce was so cute with his new little buddy.
 More bouncy houses

 Jill got a tatoo. Yup. A shark!
It's a swimmer thing, apparently.

Nanton is raising money to replace their structurally damaged roof on the arena. They had a duck race. We bought a few ducks and went and watched. It was so funny....all these people on the bridge watching this quite slow moving river. I figured it was a prank to see how many people they could get to come hang out there, and then they'd take a picture of all of us fools. Finally, they did come around the corner. We didn't win anything, but it was fun to watch our kids run around on the shore, and visit with the other people on the bridge!

All in all, a really fun day :)

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