Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer Fun

Jill made a summer journal this year. She decorated it with words and pictures about what she hoped summer would be. It is really cool. Both my kids made summer lists of things they would like to do this summer. I am so proud of them for first of all making the list, and for being sure to do some of the things in the list!

This week they are checking things off like crazy while they spend time in Raymond at Nana and Grandpas. Jill went on a canoe ride that was hours long. Peirce didn't want to go so he went to my mom's and hung out for the day. They have been horse back riding, swam with the Raymond Swim Club, played lots with cousins, hung out in the beautiful Raymond library, and more.

I miss them, but I am glad they are having such a good time!

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