Monday, 15 August 2011

Family Bottle Drive

Little miracles seem to happen all the time.

Jill wanted to attend a swim camp this week. We told her she would need to raise half the money to attend. We talked about some things she could do make money. She decided to try dng her own "bottle drive" of sorts. She tried knocking on doors with Peirce on Friday, but hardly anyone was home. I suggested we try going to some restaurants and businesses. They were kind of leery at first, but after a few successful attempts they were on a roll. We went out for 3 hours on Friday, and then had some places to follow up on Saturday. Some people said they would bring their bottles from home, or they had to check with the boss, etc. So we came back Saturday.

The camp cost $250. Just before heading out to the camp today we added up what she astounding $125.50.

Can you believe that?? What are the chances that we would get the exact number of cans and bottles needed for the exact amount needed?? My thinking is that it was a miracle indeed. A real lesson that God provides exactly what we need.

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