Saturday, 21 April 2012

Happy Birthday Peirce!

Peirce's 10th birthday is approaching and so early this month the discussions began. What should we do for my birthday party mom? I have to say, planning birthday parties is not one of my favorite things. When I had a look at our calendar for April I realized every weekend was already full....there was no where that we could fit in a party....until I realized there was an early dismissal day this month on the same day I had a half day. Then I happened to come across an Aggie Days email. I asked Peirce if he would be interested in doing that, and he was. Yippee!! (or should that be yeehaa!?!)

We ate pizza on the way the, then did all we could for the afternoon at Aggie Days.....then it was off to McD's. Apparently 10year old boys still like playing in the play place...especially when there is a gang of them! Not only that, the McD's near our house has self serve pop - and you know what that means?! Refills!! They were thrilled. We had a great time!

He invited four friends: Jeromi, Anthony, Kaylan, and Ben.

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