Saturday, 31 August 2013

Fourth Month of 100 km

Another 100 km in the books. It wasn't easy this month. At first I thought maybe I could do 150 km if I walked to and from school every day the past two weeks. Problem was there were plenty of days with meetings somewhere else, days that were going to be too hot, and the simple fact that driving is just so nice! I have walked most mornings since school started - but this week I had to do some extra walks. Thursday I did 9 km, Friday I did 8 km, and today was back to my regular 6 km. Phew! Made it to 100 - no more, no less.

Too bad another month starts tomorrow!! The exciting thing, though, is that this month I will go over 1000 km since I started walking! According to Daily Mile I'm currently at

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