Saturday, 3 August 2013

Quiet (Susan Cain)

I have been reading this book called Quiet. I love this book. (Update: I have also blogged about this book on my book blog) I have often struggled with where I fit in this world of people. I like people - but I like quiet time too. I like to talk, but I really don't like small talk that is of little importance.

Ch. 6, p. 137....sensitive types usually think in an unusually completes fashion. It may also help explain why they're so bored by small talk. "If you're thinking in more complicated ways," she told me, "Then talking about the weather or where you went for the holidays is not quite as interesting as talking about values or morality."

I work with people who do fascinating things when they have time off. They swim with dolphins. They travel to exotic locations. They hike. They go on winery tours. They spend time with people.

I find when I have time off I just want to stay home and have some quiet time! I love being home. I've always been that way. I used to love staying home on the weekends. I'd organise my room, sew, and read when I was in high school on weekends whenever I could. Yup. Nerd.

Our culture puts extroverts on a pedestal. The term "introvert" seems to hold a negative connotation. The author of this book has gathered research and historical figures to show how powerful introverts can be. I watched a video of Susan Cain a long time ago (the video is below) and figured I pretty much got what this book was about. The book has so much more though! It really helped me understand myself and people I know, both extroverts and introverts alike. 

The good news is, mostly no one is totally an introvert nor totally an extrovert. We all have our introvert times and extrovert times. The trick is managing ourselves so we can be extroverted when we need to be, and introverted when we need to be.

After reading this book I realised that's okay. I'm not just a nerd. I have introvert tendencies! And the best part is the world needs people that are slightly introverted like me!

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

And last of all: This link is hilarious. So many truisms on introverts!!

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